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Easy to Use

TTcare 100+ is designed in response to dentists’ requests. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of cleaning handpieces. It takes 15 sec only to lubricate and clean one handpiece, and less than one minute for three at a time. It’s fast and time-saving to provide premium care for handpieces.


Done in a Simple Way

  • Flip down the door and snap one, two or three handpieces onto the adapters.
  • Close the door.
  • By pressing the corresponding buttons of start the automated, internal cleaning and care of up to three handpieces.
  • Finish and remove the handpieces.

Minor Details Make Big Differences

In order to improve customer’s using experience, TTcare 100+ includes the exceptional details: LCD screen, simply disassembled front door, exclusive chuck care system, easy spray can insertion and replacement, air driven motor design to highlight its functionality and features.

Exclusive Chuck Care System

  • Place chuck into chuck care adapter.
  • Press program button to start the processing.
  • Clean and care handpiece’s chuck.
  • Simply Disassemble

    With thoughtful idea, it’s effortless to keep TTcare 100+ in a good stage. Simply disassemble the front door for further cleaning.

    Amazed by fancy design

    Compressed air purge excess lubricant into suction hole and oil collecting drawer, that makes inside of TTcare 100+ to stay clean.

TTCare 100+ lubricating machine

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