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  • Accommodates up to 10 operatories.
  • Dimensions 30”h x 11”w x 8”d.
  • 1 1/2” inlet and outlet piping.
  • Fernco couplers for easy install.
  • Floor/wall mount brackets provided.
  • NXT Hg5 Series of Collection Containers with Recycle KitsOnce you are set up with one of our award winning NXT Hg5 series of amalgam separators that fits the size of your practice, in time, you will need to swap out the collection container located at the bottom of the amalgam separator for recycling. The frequency with which you change the collection container depends upon the size and volume of your practice, the container will need to be replaced once the sediment reaches the full line or once a year (whichever comes first). The good news is, we do all of the hard work and dispose of the mercury under federal guidelines for you. All you have to do is disconnect the old collection container and ship it in the provided recycling kit box to our recycling facility. Simply insert the new collection container, and you’re ready to go. Keeping harmful mercury out of the environment has never been easier!DescriptionNXT Hg5, Hg5 [Legacy] or RAMVAC Utility Collection ContainerSolmetex.




cost included recycling per single unit

Solmetex NXT HG5

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