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Ramvac Bulldog Dry Vacuum System

Bulldog dental dry vacuums give you lots of power but take little space. Models for 4 user, easily fit the same footprint as a twin water ring pump.

Bulldog create twice the useful performance per horsepower as water ring pumps or turbines and outlast them all, many times over.

If you’ve always wanted a compact, powerful waterless dental vacuum that’s built for the life of your practice, check out the RAMVAC Bulldog QT.


100% water free. Complete system UL 544 (Dental Equipment) Listed and FDA registered.

Bulldog QT Dry Vac 1 Doctor Staff using 6 rooms or fewer. 230V 1 ph 60 hz includes Bulldog QT 1 and a 15 gallon Otter Tank


Ramvac Bulldog Dry Vacuum System

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