• Biodegradable and absorbent
  • Strong non-woven material designed for use on irregular surfaces
  • Resealable package keeps product fresh
  • 16 pouches with 50 wipes in a case



BioTEXT is the only clinical disinfectant specifically designed for use on delicate surfaces. It is proven to kill benchmark organisms on naugahyde, leather, vinyl and rubber surfaces. Ideal for tubing, fabrics, carpets, touch screens and soft plastic surfaces such as keyboards.

Features and Benefits:

  • Bioload resistant anti-microbial

  • Economical to use

  • Multi-purpose

  • Non-corrosive

  • Non-staining

  • User friendly

Implementing the BioTEXT spray-wipe technique reduces the amount of product you use by 50%.

BioTEXT can be used on uniforms, glass, tubing, carpets, walls, floors and chairs. It has been thoroughly tested and is safe for use on vinyl surfaces.

BioTEXT will NOT corrode metals, stain vinyl or become tacky as do water-based chlorine, Chlorhexidine or iodine products.

BioTEXT contains NO phenols or aldehydes. It does NOT contain noted hormone disrupting chemicals or nonyl-phenyl ethoxylate-based surfactants.

BioTEXT is kinder to staff, as it does NOT contain toxic phenols and aldehydes. Gloves and masks are NOT necessary with BioTEXT

50 sheets x 16 rolls in resealable pouches/case.

Micrylium BioText