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The Clave23+ Chamber Autoclave is a Class N Steam Sterilizer that utilizes the most state-of-the-art technology in steam pulsing sterilization. The Clave23+ uses a pressure displacement technology that allows a more complete removal of air inside the chamber before the sterilization cycle begins . In addition, with the steam injection pressure pulsing technology it reduces maintenance, improves sterilization effectiveness and increases speed of the sterilization process.

The Clave23+ uses the highest quality components and each unit is stress tested to ensure the quality and reliability of the machine. The Clave23+ is compact and efficient sterilizer is suitable for any dental, veterinary, podiatry, chiropodist, tattoo, medical and beauty office.

As the name suggests this is the largest chamber autoclave offered by Flight Dental Systems at 23L in capacity.

The Clave23+ also has an air assisted drying technology which integrates a compressor for faster drying.



Distilled Water Reservoir

  • Easily accessible and easy to fill.

  • Water Level Sensor

  • Capacity to run 5-6 Cycles Before Adding water

FrequencyMaintenance Required
DailyClean Door Seal


Clean the External Surface

WeeklyClean Distilled Water Reservoir


Clean Sterilization Chamber

MonthlyClean Filter inside Chamber and Tank
Every 3/6 MonthsReplace Door Seal
Every YearReplace Silicone Tubing, filters and door Seal
Every 2 YearsReplace Battery on Main PCB that Controls Timer


 Model: Clave23
Chamber Size23L (9.72”x 23.6”)
Number of Trays4
Voltage110V 50/60Hz
Power (W)2200
Overall Dimensions (WxHxD)18.9” x 18.3” x 27.6”

Programmed Cycle

Solid/Unwrapped: 4 Min Sterilization @ 134C, 20 min Sterilization @121C


Total Time: 45 min including Drying

Wrapped: 10 Min @134C

30 min @ 121C

Total Time: 50 min Including Drying

Liquid/Textile/Rubbers: 10 min @ 134C, 30 min @ 121C

Total Time: 65 min including Drying

Flight Clave 23+ Class N sterilizer

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